Licenses & Permits

A variety of licenses and permits are required in the Village of Bradley. The license year for licenses and permits issued through the office of the Village Clerk is June 1 through May 31. Contact License Coordinator, Gail Schultz, at 815-936-5100 ext. 104 for any of the following unless specified otherwise. License applications are available on this website or at 111 N. Michigan Avenue, Monday through Friday 8A-4:30P (closed noon to 1 p.m.).

Business License

All Bradley businesses are required to be licensed with the Village of Bradley. Initial application also includes Zoning Review. First year fees are $50 Administrative Review (application fee) and $50 Business Registration. Annual Business License renewals are $20. Vending Machines

The Village of Bradley issues license for vending machines in two categories: Product/Service and Games of Skill. Additionally, licenses are now issued for Video Gaming Terminals.

Raffle Permits

License is also required to conduct raffles or chances. All such licenses will be issued by the office of the village clerk and only to bona fide religious, charitable, labor, business, fraternal, educational, or veteran's organizations. Licenses shall be issued upon completion of an application form, as prescribed by the village clerk. No bond or fee is required of the licensee.

Miscellaneous Licenses

Licenses are also required for tobacco sales, scavenger services, temporary sales and special events such as carnivals, circuses, concert and sporting events.

Garage Sale Permit

Residents are allowed two 3-day sales per year. Register for garage sale permit in the Main Office at the Bradley Village Hall. There is no charge for the garage sale permit. Participation in the Bradley Community Garage Sale or any organized neighborhood sale is in addition to the two permitted sales. Contact the Main Office for additional information.

Block Party/Street Closure Permit

Contact the Main Office at the Bradley Village Hall for more information.

(Liquor licenses, issued through the Mayor's office, are valid May 1 through April 30.)

Contact the License Coordinator, Gail Schultz, at 815-936-5100 ext. 104 for information on any of the following licenses: