ADA Compliance

The superintendent of Building Standards is the ADA coordinator for the Village of Bradley to ensure local compliance with the Environmental Barriers Act, 410 ILCS 25/1 et seq., and 42 USCA 12101 et seq. The Illinois Capital Development Board shall adopt and publish accessibility standards known as the Illinois Accessibility Code. This Code, together with the Environmental Barriers Act (EBA) and the standards incorporated by reference identified in Section 400.120 of the Code, has the force of a building code and as such is law in the State of Illinois.

Illinois Accessibility Code

Illinois Accessibility Code is intended to ensure that the built environment, including all spaces and elements of all applicable buildings and facilities in the State of Illinois is so designed, constructed, and/or altered to assure the safety and welfare of all members of society and to be readily accessible to, and usable by, environmentally limited persons. Illinois Accessibility Task Force will be meeting to recommend revisions with respect to public school property.