All Building Permit inspections should be scheduled in advance by calling 815-933-5008 during regular business hours. Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical inspections will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. All inspections will be performed within 48 hours from when they are received.


  • Submit two (2) sets of architectural plans, stamped by an Illinois licensed architect for review. The plan review costs are the usual and customary fees charged for plan reviews. A plan review shall commence when architectural drawings for the project are received by the Village of Bradley Building Standards Department. A completed building permit application should accompany all architectural submittals. A building permit will not be issued until all applicable fees are paid in full to the Village of Bradley.


  • No occupancy (people or furnishings) may take possession of a structure until all final inspections are performed and approved; the final grade survey has been approved; and proof of payment has been received for any applicable impact fees. When all the above are in compliance, a signed and sealed Occupancy Permit will be issued to the Building Permit applicant and possession may proceed.