Your Village Board

Bradley is served by a Trustee form of government. Elected officials include the Village President, Village Clerk and six Trustees who serve staggered four year terms. Spring elections are held every odd year (2013, 2015, etc.). The Trustees serve at large, not from specific wards or precincts. The Bradley Village Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Mondays each month at 6:30 p.m. Committees meet as needed and are located on this website in the Agendas and Minutes.

78. Mike WatsonMayor Michael Watson and was elected Trustee in 2015.
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72. Bob RedmondBob Redmond is Chairman of the Ordinance & Technology Committee and is a member of the License, Zoning, Planning, Grants and Broadway Redevelopment and Utilities/Expansion Committees.
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83. Don BarberDon Barber is Chairman of License, Zoning, Planning, Grants Committee and is a member of Utilities/Expansion and Insurance, Finance, Appropriations Committees.
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