Recycling & Electronics Recycling

Recyclable Items

Recycle toters are marked for recycling only. Recycling service is provided every other week versus weekly.

Toters cannot be contaminated with trash! A sticker notifying the resident of contamination will be placed on the toter.

Please Note

The 95-gallon totes for recycling should not contain yard waste or trash.

Acceptable recycling items include:

Acceptable recycling items include:

Aluminum and Tin
LDPE plastics
Bimetal Materials
Office Paper
PET plastics
HDPE plastics
Telephone Books

Recycling Guide

Not Accepted
Paper/Other Fibers: White/Colored Copy Paper, computer paper, glossy paper, envelopes, newspaper, telephone books, file folders, magazines, junk mail, post-it notes, paper bags and cardboard. *Staples are acceptable
Paper/Other Fibers: No carbon paper, self-stick labels, gum/candy wrappers, tissue paper, waxed paper, paper cups, or paper towels.
Plastic Containers: Plastic containers marker #1- #7 (excluding only #6). This includes water and pop bottles, milk and juice jugs, margarine/butter tubs, yogurt cups, ketchup bottles, household cleaners, coffee creamer containers, etc. Trays from frozen meals can also be recycled so long as they are rinsed clean.
Plastic Containers: No plastic marked #6 (including take-out containers, styrofoam, packing peanuts, CD/DVD covers, etc.) No film plastic (plastic bags, saran wrap, etc). No plastic silverware.
Tin and Aluminum Cans: Empty cans including pop and soup cans.
Tin and Aluminum Cans: No aerosol cans or foil.
Glass Bottles & Jars: Empty clear and colored glass bottles/jars.
Glass Bottles & Jars: No flat glass, light bulbs, dinnerware, ceramics, or Pyrex.

Electronics Recycling

By State law, effective January 1, 2012, the following items will be banned from landfills and no longer picked up by garbage collections:

Personal Computers
Electronic Mice
Hard Drives
CD ROM/ZIP/Tape Drives
Cords & Cables
Adding Machines
Postage Machines
Paper Shredders
Telephones/Cell Phones
Answering Machines
Typewriters/Word Processors
VCR, DVD, & laser disc Players
Portable radio/CD players
Speakers/Stereo Systems
CB/Two-way radios
Digital Clocks
CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, etc.
UPS (Battery Pickups)
Printers (laser, inkjet, etc.)
Cameras (Film, Digital, etc.)
String Lights (Holiday lights on wires)
Palm books/Hand-helds
Video game consoles
Game Controllers

Bradley residents may also utilize the existing electronic recycling drop-off site located behind the Public Works Building at 210 E. Broadway, Bradley, IL 60915: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8AM-3PM self-service.