Street Maintenance


The Village of Bradley has a permanent electronic waste recycling site located at our Public Works building at 210 East Broadway. The site is a self-service location open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Special Pickup

Call Bradley Public Works at 815-932-2125 for work orders to pick up many large items, tires, cement, etc. or for more information. The additional charge for special pickup items will be on your monthly sewer bill.


Branches are picked up on the first Monday each month in neighborhoods with no alleys and on the third Monday in neighborhoods with alleys. No branches should be placed in the street.

Large branches should be no longer than 8 feet and stacked all one way. Branches 3 feet or smaller should be bundled. If branches are cut by a contracted tree service, they are responsible for disposal.

Branches may be set out up to 48 hours prior to pickup. Be sure to leave room around branches for a tractor to maneuver. No branches will be picked up during the winter months of November through March.