Leaf Collection

Leaf Vac will run two weeks in the spring and four to six weeks in the fall. Follow these simple directions:

  • Leaf collection will be on a weekly schedule.
  • Place leaves in rows along the easements.
  • Neighborhoods with sidewalks next to the curb should rake leaves to grass edge next to sidewalk.
  • Do not rake leaves into the streets because this can cause storm sewers to become clogged in rain.
  • These are leaf machines; they only pick up leaves.
  • To prevent damaging the machines, make sure there are no rocks, branches, or other solid materials in the leaf piles.
  • Do not park vehicles near rows of leaves because we can't reach the leaves with the vac.
  • Brown paper yard-waste bags can be used instead of leaf vac and are also picked up on your regular garbage day.

See Leaf Pickup Route here!