Snow Removal

Snow removal to clear the streets for the efficient movement of traffic after a three-inch snowfall forbids, by ordinance, any motor vehicles from being parked on village streets according to the following priority schedule:

  1. All subdivisions and north-south streets
  2. All east-west streets
  3. All alleys

Plows will first make a path down the middle of all streets then will continue the above schedule until streets are cleared from curb to curb. Alleys will be plowed after all streets are cleared.

Any vehicles parked in violation of ordinance will be considered a hazard to traffic and a public nuisance and may be removed by an authorized towing service designated by the Police Department. Towing and storage shall be at the owner's expense as well as any fines that may be imposed.

Disabled or elderly residents with special needs should contact the Street & Alley Department at 815-933-3715. A heavy snowfall is difficult for everyone and the cooperation of all village residents is appreciated.


The Village of Bradley experienced a winter season last year that broke records. The area saw snow amounts that exceeded averages, as well as temperatures that chilled us to the bone. Some say this year could be a repeat of last year. The Public Works Department is ready for the snow with eight (8) large trucks, four (4) pickup trucks, as well as other specialized snow removal equipment.

Public Works begins a snow removal operation when streets start to become slippery. When forecasts show imminent accumulations of snow or ice, Public Works may pre-salt some streets in anticipation of the weather moving in.

The Village has been partitioned into eight (8) distinct areas, referred to as Snow Routes A thru H. View the Snow Route Map. Each snow route is further broken down into sections. This organization allows management to communicate with snow plow drivers as they work through their assigned routes to address snow removal efficiently. The State clears snow from Rt.45 (Kennedy Dr.), and Rt. 50 (Kinzie Ave.). The County clears snow from Armour Road, and 5000 (St. George Road). Additionally, the Township is responsible for clearing parts on Cardinal Drive north of Larry Power Road.

There are two Ordinances residents need to be aware of that outline parking on the street, and blowing or shoveling snow into streets. First, Ordinance # Sec. 52-139 (Snow removal) states after 3” of snow a north/south parking plan goes into effect in central and east Bradley. The plan allows our snow plow drivers to clear the snow from the streets as effectively and safely as possible. In addition, the ordinance states neighborhoods with homes that have driveways fall under the 3” rule as well. The Ordinance states cars must be moved off the street after snow accumulates to 3” so roads can be cleared of snow, after snow removal operations have been completed cars can once again be parked on the street. The second Ordinance # Sec. 44-217 (Placing snow in streets, alleys, right-of-way declared unlawful) states it is unlawful to place snow from your property into any street, alley, or Village right-of-way. Putting snow in a street or alley that has already been plowed causes a hazard for the area residents.

Often times we find that residents start clearing the end of their driveways before our snow removal operation is complete. This causes some to become frustrated when our trucks return to a neighborhood to perform the final “curb pass”. Plowing all the way to the curb is important for drainage when snow starts to melt. If storm drains are not exposed it makes it difficult for melting snow to find its way to the storm sewer system. Please wait until the snow stops completely, and our trucks have made their final curb pass, before you clear the end of your driveway. And remember, placing the snow from your driveway into the street is illegal.