Sanitary Sewer Collection System


For after-hours emergencies, call 815-933-3315.

About the System

The Sanitary Sewer Collection System is designed to collect and transport wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial customers to the regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (KRMA). The sewer collection system transports approximately 1.8 million gallons per day of wastewater through an engineered system of main lines, service lines, pump stations, inspection manholes, and sampling and metering stations.

The Sewer Department is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer collection system. This is accomplished by routine cleaning and maintenance of the sanitary sewer mains and manholes, replacing mains when necessary, televising and sealing deteriorated sewer mains, and emergency response to main line blockages.

Maintenance & Cleaning of Privately Owned Sewer Service Lines

Contractors and customers alike should call Bradley Sewer Department first at 815-933-7012 before starting any privately owned sewer service cleaning or rodding work. We will inspect the main sewer for proper operation and notify the homeowner or contractor with the results of the inspection.

The Bradley Sewer Department will not be responsible for any charges or fees incidental to the cleaning or rodding of privately owned sewers.