Your Finance Department


The Finance Department administers and/or assists with all financial operations of the Village. The Department performs two distinct functions: day-to-day operations and other financial reporting/operating functions. Day-to-day operations include processing payroll and accounts payable, recording cash receipts in the general ledger system, reconciling bank and broker statements, monitoring the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) financial status, oversight of the Village’s sewer billing, processing the activity of the Village’s economic loan program and reconciling the sales tax rebates with developers. Financial reporting and operating functions include scheduling and oversight of the annual Village audit, the compilation and coordination of the annual Village budget, preparation and publication of the annual Treasurer’s Report, oversight of employee insurance benefits, the village’s liability insurance, fixed asset tracking and production of all calendar year tax documentation, including W-2’s and 1099’s. 

The Finance Director is appointed as Village Treasurer and is responsible for investing, monitoring and insuring the safety of Village funds.

There are three Administrative staff members that work between the Mayor’s office, The Village Administrator’s office and Finance. In the Finance Department, these Administrative staff members process accounts payable, sewer bills, payroll, accounts receivable and maintain all files for the various insurance programs. Also, the staff assist all guests at the front counter and take incoming phone calls to the village hall.