General Investigation is made up of operational detectives who investigate a broad category or crime. They normally work from police stations.

The detectives at police stations carry out duties such as:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Executing warrants of arrest or search warrants
  • Using investigative techniques
  • Preparing case dockets for court proceedings
  • Attending crime scenes
  • Tracking and arresting suspects
  • Searching premises and seizing evidence
  • Investigating reported crime
  • Serving summonses and subpoenas
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Detective Bureau Office Line

Phone Number
Detective Sergeant Brandon Jensen Desk Line
(815) 936-5124
Detective John Cox Desk Line
(815) 936-5119
Detective Brandon O'Connor Desk Line
(815) 936-5129
Detective Vincent Snyder Desk Line
(815) 936-5122

Detectives work with cases involving: