Code Enforcement

The Bradley Code Enforcement division supports enforcement of all Property Maintenance, Life Safety and Fire Safety codes adopted by the Village of Bradley. The division currently includes a full time Code Enforcement Officer and a full time Fire Inspector.

What Our Code Enforcement Officers do:

  • Inspect property as a result of a complaint or as required by Village Code
  • Perform a street survey of the entire street or neighborhood relative to complaint
  • If violation is found, a warning citation is issued for a first offense
  • Code enforcement officer will re-inspect property after seven to thirty days of the warning citation depending on the type of violation
  • If violation has not been corrected upon re-inspection, a citation is issued & a hearing scheduled
  • If the re-inspection shows compliance with the code, the case is closed. If within a year, a second complaint is made about the same violation, and violation is found again, a citation is issued
  • Hearing Officer can fine up to $2,500 for an offense plus court costs

Contact Information: 815-933-9956 or you can e-mail us.

Bradley Code Enforcement
111 N. Michigan Ave.
Bradley, IL 60915