License & Registration

The Village of Bradley Board of Trustees has adopted ordinances regulating licensing and registration of businesses, contractors, landlords, and garage sales.  Liquor license information is available from the Village Administration office.

Business Registration:
The purpose  of business registration is to allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the village.  New businesses are required to provide information for a zoning review.  Emergency information is collected by application.  Businesses are required to renew on or before June 1 of each year.  Business Registration Application

Contractor Registration:
The Village of Bradley requires that all contractors performing work in the village, register with the Kankakee County Contractors Registration program.  All contractors shall submit to the VOB Building Dept. it’s license from the county.  Contractor's information for Kankakee County

Rental Registration:
The Village of Bradley has adopted a Landlord Registration program.  All landlords are required to register themselves and all rental buildings owned by them with the Building Department.   Landlords are required to re-register each year on or before May 1.  Link to Landlord Registration Application

Garage Sales:
Bradley residents are allowed two 3-day sales per year.  No person shall conduct a general sale of goods, commonly know as a garage sale, unless a permit has first been obtained from the Village of Bradley.  Garage sale signs are not allowed on utility poles or in the public right of way.  Residents must apply in person to Building Department for permits.  There  is no fee for garage sale permits.