Village of Bradley Bid Opportunities

Village of Bradley’s open and closed solicitations are posted below.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and cost management, the Village of Bradley utilizes this website to post Request for Proposal (RFP) and bid opportunities. We strive to receive the best value for the goods and services purchased for the Village's needs.

The Village of Bradley welcomes your participation and cooperation!

Bids & RFPs

Published Date Title Closing Date Presentation Date
8/4/2019 Demolition RFP    

Posting Questions Responses:

1)      Could you please confirm the monthly allowances we should include for b/w volume and color volume for the 4 copiers?

  • Cumulative 10K B/W and 3.6K Color

 2)      Could you please confirm your most recent meters(b/w meter & color meter) for your current copiers listed on the response sheet (page 5)?

  •       Clerk’s Office – 17821-02

                                As of 02/25/19   BLK = 202,245

                                                                Color = 178, 199

  •       Building – 17193-05

                                As of 03/11/19   Blk = 142,980

                                                                Color = 55,762

  •      Police Department – 17324-07

                                As of 03/21/19   Blk = 229,000

                                                                        Color = 98,000

  •       Fire – 156000-06

                                As of 02/04/19   Blk = 278,685

                                                                Color = 60,367

3)      A good 50ppm+ device from any manufacturer will have in the range of a 3,000 sheet capacity.  Our high capacity feeder will provide for an extra 2,000 sheets, making our total a little over 5,000 sheets.  The RFP is requesting over 6,000 sheets.  Is this a deal breaker? 

  •      No, will factor into the overall cost/scope.

 4)    Also, considering the volume provided, we wouldn’t recommend paying for a high capacity feeder in the first place unless you are using many different types of media.  Are you simply asking if the machine has the “ability” to have additional paper capacity, or are you wanting to purchase / lease the high cap feeder along with the rest of the required items?

  •      Yes- we are asking for the ‘ability’.

5)    Regarding the (3) 25ppm devices, what is the largest size paper that would be used on these machines?

  •       PD -                      8x11 and legal
  •      Building -            8x11, legal, 11x17
  •       Fire -                    8x11 and legal  

 6)    The average volume numbers provided across all machines were 10,000 b&w and 3,600 color.  What percentage of these prints / copies would be used on the larger 50ppm+ device?

  •      Unfortunately, we do not have an exact percentage. This is the ‘main’ copier for the Village with most output.